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Wholesale Truckload & Pallet Auction

Wholesale Truckload & Pallet Auction

Wholesale Truckload & Pallet Auction 

Unsorted Pallets from the world's largest retailers. Buy it by the pallet & by the truckload!

These items are online returns and are considered to be the best grade of pallets on the market.

Special Terms for this sale:

  1. Items in this auction may not be resold within 25 miles of Galax.
  2. The winning bidder must sign an agreement to deface all barcodes and store names from items. 
  3. All payments must be made with cash, wire transfer, or cashier's check. No personal; checks or credit cards are accepted. 

Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in a permanent ban and possible legal action.

299 E Virginia St, Galax, Virginia 24333
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